The Faculty of Theology (TEOF) is one of the  co-founders of the University of Ljubljana. Studies and scientific research activities take place in Ljubljana and in its Unit in Maribor.

TEOF cares about quality pedagogical and scientific research processes. It aims to qualify students for critical reflection on the topics of social reality, thereness and transcendence, interpersonal relationships, religion, revelation, canon law, morality and education. It provides knowledge in the fields of humanities and social sciences, mainly by groups of philosophical and theological disciplines. The latter include biblical-exegetical theology, historical theology, systematic theology and practical theology. It offers its students of marriage and family studies the knowledge for consultation, instruction, research and preventive work in a variety of fields of marriage and family issues.

The Faculty of Theology is an autonomous and creative academic community of teachers, researchers, students and other colleagues. It carries out both the national programme of higher education and the national programme of scientific research activity.

Research and development work at the Faculty takes place in the context of scientific institutes associating with related chairs and other research organizations outside the faculty which participate in the scientific and research work of the Faculty. Two programme groups and a number of project groups are also increasingly engaged in scientific research activities. The researchers publish in domestic and foreign scientific publications. 

Science publisher (publishing activities): The Faculty maintains its own basic publishing activity, which focuses on publishing the latest findings of academic teachers, collaborators and researchers of the Faculty as well as publishing translations of foreign scientific achievements particularly related to the field of theology. The scientific research achievements are published in the book series Acta Theologica Sloveniae, Scientific Library, Manuals of TEOF and Monasticism, and in the scientific journals Theological Quarterly, Acta Ecclesiastica and Unity and Dialogue.

SICRIS: Researchers and research activities at the Faculty of Theology