Mission statement



The Faculty of Theology has its roots in medieval monastic and cathedral schools and holds a prominent position among the oldest universities. It is also one of the five founding faculties of the University of Ljubljana. Its predecessors were the Jesuit College which existed in Ljubljana between 1601 and 1773, numerous religious high schools and diocesan theological schools. 

In continuous care for the quality of pedagogical and research work carried out by the Faculty of Theology, its wish from its inception until the present day, at the beginning of the third millennium, has been to develop dialogue about God and man, God’s incarnation and man’s divine life, about creation and man’s interference with it, about the beginnings of everything and its final end, about the Church and its life. 

Based on the Holy Bible and Tradition and taking into consideration the whole range of human thought, the Faculty wishes to enable its students to reflect clearly on the topics of transcendence and present day life, on faith and revelation, on Canon law, morals and education. 

As a Catholic faculty, faithful to the culture in which it came to birth, the Faculty follows the Church’s magisterium and provides an intellectual preparation for candidates for the priesthood, for lay men and women collaborators in the Church and in the wider society.

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