Unity and Dialogue

Unity and Dialogue
Journal for Ecumenical Theology and Interreligious Dialogue

ISSN 2335-4127 (2385-8907 online)

Unity and Dialogue is a scientific journal of the Stanko Janežič Institute of Dogmatic, Fundamental and Ecumenical Theology and of Religiology and Dialogue at the Faculty of Theology of University of Ljubljana with recension.

The journal is a new series of journals: Kraljestvo božje year 1 (1924) to 15 (1941); year 16 (1957) to 24 (1968); and V edinosti 25 (1970) to 67 (2012). Unity and Dialogue, year 68, was issued in 2013.

In the media registry records kept by the Ministry of Culture, it is entered under sequence number 1818. It is published once a year as a double issue. It publishes original and reviewed scientific articles and contributions in the field of ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue related to world religions, with an emphasis on Christian religions, Judaism, and Islam. A manuscript sent by a co-worker to the address of the journal Edinost in dialog is a text which has not been sent at the same time or earlier to any other address and is to be published in the journal for the first time. Detailed instructions to authors are provided in each issue. Published works in the Edinost in dialog are not paid for with a fee. Published works on the web site follow with a time lag of one year. Manuscripts and contribution applications should be sent in electronic form to the following address: edinost-dialog@teof.uni-lj.si.

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Edited and published by

Faculty of Theology, University of Ljubljana, Maribor Unit, Stanko Janežič Institute of Dogmatic, Fundamental and Ecumenical Theology and of Religiology and Dialogue

Editor in Chief

Maksimilijan Matjaž

Editor in Chief Assistant

Samo Skralovnik

Editorial Board

Hans-Ferdinand Angel (Graz, Austria), Nikolaos Asproulis (Volos, Greece), Theodor Dieter (Strasbourg, France), Bogdan Dolenc (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Jörg Ernesti (Augsburg, Germany), Stanko Gerjolj (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Riccardo Di Giuseppe (Toulouse, France), Nedžad Grabus (Ljubljana, Slovenia) , Michael Howlett (Waterford, Ireland), Stanko Jambrek (Zagreb, Croatia), Marko Jesenšek (Maribor, Slovenia), Anton Konečný (Košice, Slovakia), Edvard Kovač (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Fanika Krajnc-Vrečko (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Guy Lafon (Pariz, France), Avguštin Lah (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Ivan Macut (Split, Croatia), Tonči Matulić (Zagreb, Croatia), Jožef Muhovič (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Mari Jože Osredkar (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Mateja Pevec Rozman (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Stanislav Slatinek (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Marija Stanonik (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Vinko Škafar (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Ivan Janez Štuhec (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Vladimir Vukašinović (Beograd, Serbia), Juraj Zečević (Zagreb, Croatia)


Edinost in dialog
Slomškov trg 20
SI-2000 Maribor

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  • General presentation PDF
  • Editorial Policies & Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement PDF
  • Instructions for Contributors PDF
  • Article Submission Form PDF/DOC
  • Article Review Form PDF/DOC
  • The European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity (Revised Edition, 2017) PDF

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