The introduction of a programme Marital and Family Studies opens the way to appropriate professional scientific education and joins the efforts of European and especially American universities, whose programmes focus primarily on training students in marital and family education, based on scientific and professional research in this area.

The programme covers a wide range of topics. It includes topics of normal and deviant development of person, marriage and family within the context of the wider community, from childhood and adolescence to adult and old age. Graduates learn to help families develop the skills needed to meet the challenges of family life and its environment.

Students acquire theoretical and practical knowledge for counselling, teaching, research and preventive work in various marital and family issues. These include marital conflicts, infidelity and divorce, traumatic experiences, all kinds of abuse and addiction, premarital issues, development and psychopathology of the individual and family, functional parenting, research and philosophical and theological aspects of marriage and family.

The proposed Marital and Family Studies programme promotes study and research, as well as scientific theoretical work in the field of marriage and the family. Comparative, longitudinal and other research on marriage and the family has today become an indispensable source for understanding various problems and challenges that families face today.