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Gestalt Pedagogy is recognized as one of the most comprehensive didactic approaches. As its fundamental »method« it uses creative media from drawing and sculpting to working with the body and voice. It is related to the tradition of humanistic psychology and is becoming an increasingly important factor in the field of pedagogical and psychological work and counselling in formal and informal educational institutions. As an integrated pedagogy, it is compatible with integrative and inclusive pedagogy and is based on biographical and experiential lifelong learning.

Basic information:

Place of implementation: around Slovenia
Credit points: 32
Duration: 1 year


Students are able to distinguish Gestalt Pedagogy from other gestalt forms of work; they know how to apply the principles of Gestalt Pedagogy; they know how to discover and apply resources for self-help in pedagogical work.

Presentation of Study Programmes (2021/2022)

Links: Society for Christian Gestalt Pedagogy

Programme Administrator: Assist. Prof. Iva Nežič Glavica, PhD