The study programme starts in the academic year 2023/24.

Basic information:

Place of implementation: Ljubljana and Maribor
Credit points: 180
Duration: 3 years
Professional title: »Diplomant/diplomantka Teoloških in religijskih študijev – smer Teološki in religijski študiji« (Graduate of Theological and Religious Studies) or »diplomirani družinski svetovalec/diplomirana družinska svetovalka – smer Zakonska in družinska terapija ter svetovanje« (Graduated Family Counselor – Marital and Family Therapy and Counselling).

Department of Theological and Religious Studies

The first cycle university study programme Human and Interpersonal Relationships in the field of Theological and Religious Studies is based on a wide range of knowledge and methods from the humanities, social sciences, culture, theology and religion. It trains students to work in the fields of Church, culture, public and administrative life, economy, history and services related to working with people. Graduates acquire basic knowledge in the fields of Christianity, other religious beliefs, cultural history and ethics. They are trained for scientifically, theoretically-critically and methodologically appropriate treatment of these topics.

Marriage and family therapy and counselling

In the field of Marriage and Family Therapy and Counselling, students are introduced to basic knowledge in the field of psychotherapy / marital and family therapy and counselling. The study is the basis for further education in the field of psychotherapy, marital and family therapy and provides basic knowledge in the field of developmental psychology, psychopathology, psychiatry, diagnostics / assessment, neuropsychology, basics of psychotherapy, medicine, research and ethical and legal aspects of practice and development personalities important for performing psychotherapeutic activities. Students gain personal therapeutic experience necessary for counselling and psychotherapeutic work.


Hermeneutic, cognitive, theoretical, methodological, technical, personality-communication, systemic-synthetic, competences in the field of critical assessment of what is healthy or functional in the field of mental and spiritual health, competences in the field of prevention and promotion in the field of mental health; providing basic information to family members about mental and spiritual health problems and hardships; directing family members to appropriate sources of mental and spiritual health assistance; competences for providing counselling and psychotherapeutic services at the basic level.


  • In the field of religious activity and church services (permanent deacons, pastoral officers, participation in the bodies of religious communities),
  • in the field of humanitarian, charitable and social protection activities,
  • in the field of cultural activities (management of cultural activities, work in archives, documentation, management of cultural heritage),
  • in the field of public administration and political activities (work in political parties),
  • in the field of media (reporters, moderators, announcers),
  • in the field of publishing (editors, assistant editors),
  • in the field of management (public relations, tourism, organization of cultural and other events, work on human resources development),
  • in the field of education, prevention and promotion of mental health of individuals and families,
  • in the field of basic family support, basic care for individuals in need and guidance of individuals on the social and health care system,
  • in the field of multidisciplinary cooperation to build mental and spiritual support for individuals and families.

Presentation of Study Programmes 2023/2024

Programme Administrators: Assist. Prof. Tadej Stegu, PhD, and Assist. Prof. Saša Poljak Lukek, PhD.