The Advanced Pastoral Studies programme complements and upgrades university education, while focuses on a specific area of ​​work and thinking. At the advanced level, programme participants acquire specialized behaviors and skills that complement their basic knowledge. The programme provides basic knowledge of pastoral practices in Slovenia, which candidates acquire at various levels of university education and lifelong learning programmes. A basic methodological tool for study and research, which is also expected, is available at all levels of higher education. As it is a training programme, it also envisages certain personality competences that are acquired during practical education.

Basic information:

Place of implementation: Ljubljana
Credit points: 38
Duration: 1 year


methodological, cognitive and theoretical, synthesis-related competences, social competences, technical, linguistic, individual and other competences.

Presentation of Study Programmes (2021/2022)

Programme Administrator: Assist. Prof. Andrej Šegula, PhD.