Who must take differential exams in order to enrol in the programme?

Those without any previous education in the humanities, pedagogy, social, health and social sciences. They should verify the ISCED classification as to the status of their previous education. If in doubt, send a question to referat@teof.uni-lj.si.

Which differential exams need to be taken and when?

On the subpage Enrolment information you will find information on the required exams, literature and exam deadlines. Those believing that they have already passed the required study topics in previous education, can submit a special application for the determination of differential exams. Regarding deadlines of differential exams, they should agree with their individual providers. Differential exams must be taken before enrolment (not before registration).

When are the application and enrolment deadlines?

The application deadline is usually the end of August. A more precise date is set in the annual tender which is published on the website of the University of Ljubljana; a notice is also available on the website of the Faculty of Theology. Please, use the application form available on this link. Successful applicants are invited to enrol (usually at the end of September).

How many places are advertised for the programme and what happens if there are too many applicants?

There are 30 places advertised for the programme in Ljubljana and 20 for the programme in Maribor. In case of too many applicants, the following is taken into account:

1) the average grade of the study at the first cycle (40%);

2) the grade for diploma and/or diploma examination or other form of completion of studies (10%) - for candidates who do not have a diploma, diploma examination or other form of completion of studies, the average grade of study from the previous indent is taken into account in 50%;

3) elective exam, in which the candidate proves knowledge and knowledge in the field of marital and family relations (50%). So far, the majority of serious candidates have been admitted to the programme.

Is it possible to enrol in parallel studies?

Yes. However, the number of places for parallel studies is limited to 4, both for Ljubljana and Maribor.

Is a full-time study from work possible?

Yes. Those who are employed can also enrol in the full-time programme, with the permission of their employers. However, they may have a problem with the schedule, as some lectures are in the morning. In our experience, the employed students were able to complete the programme if they were allowed by their employers to attend the morning lectures (being substituted at work by colleagues and/or catching up in the afternoon).

Those unable to meet the demands of the master's programme schedule have an option of completing the First Year in two years (by repeating a year). During the repeated year, and in agreement with their mentors, they may even take some Second Year examinations. In the second semester of the Second Year, apart from doing the elective subject (and external elective subject), a timeline can be adjusted for seminars supporting the work on the writing of the master’s thesis.

In this way, everyone can adapt their studies to their personal situation. For example, one may attend some morning lectures during one year, and others next year. In any case, they are required to attend morning lectures at least 2 to 3 times a week.

Is part-time study possible?

In the school year 2020/21, we allocated 5 places for part-time study. For part-time students there will be no special organized lectures, exercises and seminars, as the programme will be implemented in the form of consultations (usually 2 hours per student per course). However, they can join scheduled lectures for full-time students. Part-time study is carried in compliance with the part-time study regulations.

What is the cost of the programme?

The second cycle master's study programme is free for the students who have not yet completed the 7th level of education (pre-Bologna university degree or Bologna master's degree; see: http://www.arhiv.mvzt.gov.si/indexe600.html?id=11789), For others, the cost is 2400 EUR per year, which can be paid in several installments. The exact cost is available at: https: //www.teof.uni-lj.si/ceniki. In case of justifiable reasons and upon request, the TEOF board may grant a discount.

What should I do if I have other questions not covered on this page?

Send your questions to referat@teof.uni-lj.si.