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The Faculty of Theology of the University of Ljubljana, together with the Catholic University of Croatia and the Episcopal Theological College of Pécs, is organising a Short Combined Intensive Programme (SCP) within the Erasmus+ project. The programme will include an elective course, Falling in Love Online - A Relational Paradigm, which will be taught in English. The elective course will be assessed by 3 ECTS. The seminar paper will be considered as an examination paper. 

The SCP programme will be attended by lecturers from the three participating faculties and will be attended by students from all three participating organisations. Participation in the SCP programme is also open to students from other UL member states and to students from abroad with whom the Faculty of Theology has an inter-institutional Erasmus+ agreement.

Topics of lectures and workshops

Neuroscience and Relationships - A neurobiological view of what happens in the human brain. Why are relationships so important?

Why don't we fall in love anymore? A sociological and psychological perspective. How today's society differs from previous ones and what this brings in the area of relationships. What do we risk if we fall in love? And why don't we want to do it anymore?

The impact of divorce on the relationship crisis - The higher divorce rate in modern society brings more fear and mistrust in relationships. A sociological and psychological perspective on divorce. Can this impact on (young) people be corrected?

Falling in love and love - a neurobiological and relational perspective - What is the difference between falling in love and being in love; What happens in our body and brain when we are in love and how does this change when falling out of love?

Falling in love in the virtual world versus falling in love in the real world - artificial intelligence: a view from the ethical-theological direction and the psychological direction. How does artificial intelligence work, which direction is it going and what feelings can it arouse in people; what is different in the real world when someone falls in love?

Love as a Christian virtue - a theological perspective on love and relationships



- 20. 2. 2023

- 27. 2. 2023

- 13. 3. 2023

Course delivery in Ljubljana:

15.-19. 5. 2023

Applications are open until 15. 1. 2023.  Apply at the international office of your home institution.