The study of family and marital therapy is intended for additional professional education of graduates in various disciplines, who in their work treat either the family as a whole or individuals as family members and couples or spouses. The aim of the programme is to improve theoretical knowledge in the field of family and partnership relationships, parenting, intimacy, family and individual life cycle and family psychopathology and training participants to use this knowledge in therapeutic practice. The programme provides evaluated education for all types of professions that work with people and inclusion in domestic and international professional therapeutic associations and chambers.

Basic information:

Place of implementation: Ljubljana
Credit points: 60
Duration: 2 years


After completing the training, participants will gain personal experience in family therapy and will be able to independently perform therapeutic work with families, couples and individuals.

Presentation of Study Programmes (2021/2022)

Programme Administrator: Prof. Tanja Repič Slavič, PhD.