Basic information:

Place of performance: Ljubljana
Credit points: 240
Duration: 4 years
Professional title: »Doktor/doktorica znanosti - področje Zakonska in družinska terapija« (Doctor of Science - Marital and Family Therapy)


Hermeneutic, scientific theoretical-methodological, social, practical, communication competencies.


The programme trains for research, teaching and administrative positions in a variety of public and private settings. Doctoral students prepare for employment in agencies and organizations serving children, adolescents, families and adults; e.g. in the field of management, development, coordination of various development programmes, family and marital counselling, family inclusion and counselling in schools and educational institutions, parenting and family education programmes, parenting conferences, research on family and marital phenomena (including multigenerational and longitudinal), community assistance programmes, ageing of the population, counselling on family problems due to different cultural backgrounds, participation in career planning and reconciling careers with the family, assistance in crisis situations, participation in hospital care, policy planning in the field of family and marital life and other similar non-profit areas. Institutions where graduates could carry out the described activities are very different - from agencies for social services and services to educational institutions, child protection services, government services, schools, universities, human rights organizations, family centres advocacy, mental health centres, human resources agencies, cooperation with police and forensic psychological units, employment assistance agencies, consumer protection agencies and many more.

Presentation of Study Programmes: Doctoral Programme THEOLOGY (2021/2022)

Further information on doctoral studies at UL TEOF is avalable on the website TEOF Office for third cycle and scientific research work. Programme Administrator: prof. PhD Tomaž Erzar.