The one-year study programme comprises 40 ECTS and lasts two years. It is intended for all who want to fully mature personally, spiritually, discover, get to know and deepen their spirituality. It is intended for spiritual seekers, leaders of small groups (prayer, biblical, marital, etc.), spiritual companions, catechists, parish assistants, priests, deacons, nuns and monks…

The programme brings in-depth knowledge of modern and biblical spirituality, the spirituality of Church Fathers, Christian Churches and modern spiritual movements, spirituality in worship, literature, music and film. It acquaints students with the spirituality of priests, consecrated persons, laity, single and married. Much of the programme is dedicated to practical introduction to spirituality.

Basic information:

Place of implementation: Ljubljana
Credit points: 40
Duration: 2 years
Competences: Upon completion of the training, participants will have competences at the theoretical, experiential, reflective and applied levels of personal and community spiritual life.

Presentation of Study Programmes (2021/2022)

Programme Administrator: Assist. Prof. Ivan Platovnjak, PhD.