This programme is designed to train professionals – marital and family therapists and gestalt counselors - for supervisors. Programme participants choose between two majors: Marital and Family Therapy or Counselling. They will learn about different methods and techniques of supervisiona, they will be shown different models of practical supervision in psychotherapy and education; they will develop evaluation techniques, learn appropriate strategies for communication with the supervised; they will learn the dynamics of individual and group supervision, how to address ethical issues in the supervision process and condust it by means of a parallel self-reflection; they will learn other important supervision related topics; they will master various techniques for guiding and assisting the supervised, both on a communicative and emotional levels; they will get acquainted with the specifics of supervision practice for different target groups.

Basic information:

Place of implementation: Ljubljana
Credit points: 24
Duration: 1 year


- ability to perform independent and high-quality supervision work,
- professional strategy and professional relations,
- keeping appropriate documentation,
- quality assurance in accordance with the code of ethics,
- research and continuous professional development.

Presentation of Study Programmes (2021/2022)