The programme prepares graduates for professional careers related to work with families, couples, young people, pre-school and school children and the elderly in the home, church and community environments.

Basic information:

Place of implementation: Ljubljana and Maribor (full programme)
Credit points: 120
Duration: 2 years
Professional title: »magister/magistrica zakonskih in družinskih študijev« (Master of Marital and Family Studies).


In the field of knowledge about family and marital relations, problems and deviations; the development of individuals, marriage and family; the assessment of individuals in the marriage and family contexts; professional work with families, spouses and groups; ethical, legal and professional aspects of working with the family; research and evaluation of the sociological, philosophical, theological, biblical, and spiritual contexts of family and marriage.


Prepares graduates for employment in agencies and organizations serving children, adolescents, families and adults; e.g. in the field of administration, development and coordination of various development programmes, family and marital counselling, family inclusion and counselling in schools and educational institutions, parenting and family education programmes, parenting conferences, research on family and marital phenomena (including multigenerational and longitudinal), programmes for community assistance, ageing of the population, counselling on family problems due to different cultural backgrounds, participation in career planning and reconciling careers with the family life, assistance in crisis situations, participation in hospital care, policy planning in the field of family and marital life and other similar non-profit areas. The programme also trains for further education in the field of counselling, family support, psychotherapy, marital and family therapy, social work and others.


Presentation of Study Programmes (2021/2022)

Programme Administrator: Prof. Robert Cvetek, PhD.